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What Coinks® is all about

Coinks® lets you collect Points with your everyday shopping from your favourite brands and shops.

Points can be spent on all sorts of goodies, including retail gift cards, cinema vouchers and prize draw entries. (Points can actually boost your odds of winning!)

There are lots of ways to collect Points:

   Loads of your favourite brands have printed codes on their packs. Every code is worth Points which means

   you can use to claim Rewards or enter Prize Draws.

   We love hearing what you think and we’ll pay you in Points for your time.

   Don’t worry – all our surveys are super-quick for busy lives!

   Simply shop at your favourite online stores via our special links and earn Points for every £1 you spend.

   Share the love and we’ll reward you and your friends with Points!

Collecting Points from codes printed on your favourite products

Every time you enter a code from a participating brand, you’ll get Points.

Points can be spent on literally hundreds of things – whatever you’re into...

The Coinks® network

Some participating brands have their own website, featuring exclusive offers that you can only claim with Points you’ve collected from that brand.

The good news is, you only need to register once to access every website in the Coinks® network.

One account. One username. One password.


You can spend any Points from any brand at Coinks.com. That also means you can lump them all together to claim one big treat if you fancy. Cool eh?

You’ll find all the Points you’ve collected itemised under your account, plus your recent transactions.

Coinks.com also features:

  • Where to collect codes
  • More fabulous rewards and prize draws
  • Links to participating brand sites

How Coinks® works for brands

Coinks® offers everyday household brands an easy, cost-effective way to differentiate themselves from competitors by rewarding loyal shoppers with added value.

A common collective scheme means:

  • Lower cost: No bespoke site build. An existing platform with flexibility for brands to add their own promotional mechanic and creative.
  • Higher value: Shared costs and a larger audience means rewards and prize draws can be much higher in value.
  • Mass appeal: Consumers can spend their Points on whatever they’re into, so brands don’t risk the limited appeal of an individual offer.
  • Enhanced brand engagement: Consumer segmentation and personalised emails allows brands to talk one-to-one with the right shoppers about the right thing.  
  • Access to a database of 1.8 million consumers: Brands can advertise to a large pool of engaged consumers at very low cost.

How Coinks® works for Reward Providers

Here's what's in it for you...

  • Reach over 1.8 million consumers
  • 25,000 daily visitors
  • 3,300 new registrations daily
  • 5 million codes entered so far
  • 1.2 million reward redemptions

If you're interested in understanding more about becoming a Coinks® Reward Provider, please get in touch on 01509 882910.